A Mobile Solution for Field Staff and Supervisors to view and manipulate aspects of work orders, customer accounts, and equipment.

Part of the Workforce Pro Management Solution


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For Your Field Technicians (Includes 24 x 7 Support)

  • An Intuitive, Comprehensive Program for Technicians, Supervisors and Contractors
  • Connects Wirelessly To Billing System via Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop
  • All Functions Can Be Conducted Electronically And Wirelessly
  • Track and Manage Inventory of Truck Equipment
  • Reads & Stores Information to the Billing System, All Done in Real-time
  • Easy “Point & Click” Interface For Virtually All Work Order Input
  • Eliminates Calls To Dispatch
  • Easy to Train and Use
  • Robust And Reliable Web-Based Platform
  • Minimal Server And IT Commitment
  • All Data Remains in Your Database
  • Turn-by-turn Directions for "Next Work Order" for Efficient Drive Time
  • Drop-Bury, Equipment Pickup, and Additional Work Order Creation Ability
  • Signature Capture
  • Optional: Mobile Receipt Printing
  • Optional: Integration with GPS
  • Optional: Recording and archival of Signal Levels upon Job-completion
  • Optional: Automatic Balancing of Equipment and Services
  • Optional: Email or Automated Phone Call Alerts to Techs, Dispatchers, Supervisors, based on various user-defined triggers.
  • Optional: Quality Control functionality from the field, including attachments, dynamic questions, and scoring
  • Optional: Integration with TicketView for Ticket handling