A Solution for Finance and Management to Easily Modify and Update Rate-table Information


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PeakView Solutions, a leading supplier of customized software applications to the telecommunications industry, has developed an application that automates the rate increase process for systems that use various billing platforms.

The PeakView application eliminates weeks of manual labor, reduces errors, improves reporting (including SOX) and allows managers to test rate levels multiple times to determine the optimal rate adjustment. This application is a highly useful and effective tool for billing managers as well as for Marketing, Finance and Operations management involved in budgeting decisions.

Once licensed, our automated Rate-Adjustment Application can be used for repeated rate-adjustments and analysis, without additional charge.

Features and Benefits:

The Rate Adjustment Application will provide the following benefits to the end user:

  • Easily Download Current Rate Discounting Tables

You will have the ability to download your current rate-tables from the billing system. This will provide you with the current pricing and discount structure as set up in the production rate-tables. You will have the ability to download the rate-tables at any point to verify them for accuracy.

  • Automate Rate Changes

You will have the ability to automatically update multiple records within a particular Rate Grouping Code. Applying these rate updates in this manner saves countless hours that would otherwise be spent keying this data directly in the billing system.

  • Rate-Table Reporting

You will have the ability to view the rate-table data for each of your grouping codes in report format. This format will have the same easy to read layout as if viewed in the billing system. You will also have access to the same report above with the new rate-tables which can be viewed and verified prior to uploading into the billing system. All reports can be downloaded as a CSV and then imported into Excel.

  • Ability to Audit all Changes in Test Slice
  • The output file from Ratrix is formatted so it can easily be uploaded into either a test slice or into production. PeakView recommends using your billing vendor's upload program, if applicable. Uploading the new rate-tables into a test slice will allow the customer to run a full system re-rate and audit the accounts. They will also be able to run billing, create and audit statements and run month end. With each of these steps, audit can be done to verify revenue assurance and validate the rate-adjustment changes.
  • Same Day Turn Around Time for Marketing and Finance

The amount of time required to turn around specific rate-adjustment requests received from Marketing and /or Finance could be as little as a few minutes. Once the rate-change request is submitted the user can then download the current pricing structure, automatically update all the appropriate rates and then produce an upload file. This can all be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Eliminates Keying Errors in Production

Since we automatically update multiple records based on criteria entered by the end user, we eliminate a majority of keying errors. Rate-changes that are entered directly into the billing system's production environment require the user to navigate through multiple screens and key in data on each one of those screens. This introduces a myriad of possibilities to mistakenly key in the wrong data in the wrong location. Our application eliminates those errors completely.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

We provide before and after rate-table reports which will aid in maintaining SOX compliance. We also provide a report that lists out every change that was made to each rate-table with the before and after rates.

  • Re-rate Reports for Marketing and Finance Approval

Completing the entire process in a test environment will allow for a full system re-rate which will generate re-rate reports. Those re-rate reports can be submitted for auditor verification as well to marketing and finance for revenue assurance. Those reports have every account number whose rates will change. It will show the before and after rates by service code for every account affected.

  • Eliminates Rate-Table Maintenance Concerns

The PeakView application eliminates the need to maintain cumbersome spreadsheets. At any point, the current rate-tables can be downloaded into the application so there is no need to worry about keeping the application in-sync with the billing system. Any changes, however small or large, made directly into the billing system can easily be imported into the application when it comes time for the next billing system rate-adjustment.

  • Rate Selection Filters

The application features the ability to select rates for updating by:

- Service Code Combination
- Rating Category
- Occurrence
- Weight
- Current Rate

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