A Customizable PreCall service to remind customers of their upcoming appointments scheduled for the next day. Including details about the appointment.

PeakView’s automated outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service is designed to call the customer the day before and confirm:

  • The Scheduled time of the appointment.
  • The amount that is due at the time of the appointment (COD amount), and
  • Give the customer an option to connect to a live CSR.

In addition to the confirmation/reminder, the IVR application also empowers the customer with "self-help" capability. This will reduce calls into customer service and improve worthiness and accuracy in truck rolls, all while improving customer satisfaction in the mean time.

Additional Functionality Can Include:

  • Taking Payments from customers
  • Accepting "Promise To Pay" Transactions
  • Other functionality can be incorporated into either inbound or outbound calls.

The Goal:

  • To reduce unnecessary truck rolls, which cost cable operators millions of dollars annually.
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve system accuracy (example: reducing unnecessary services calls for customer-resolved issues)

Save Costs:

Our approach to save costs only charges for successfully completed calls. We have designed the service so that there is no capital investment required by the cable operator in neither phone equipment nor phone lines. The IVR equipment is completely external, using a PeakView affiliate to handle all the details†.

PeakView's proprietary interface to the billing system makes the new program seamless and low maintenance for cable operators.

†In some cases, it would make sense to the operator to host the IVR application locally. Our application can run from our hosted servers or from servers located on your premises. We can also seamlessly integrate our application with your existing IVR solutions so that you can leverage your legacy investments.

Give us a call to see how easy it is to add outbound reminder calls to your customer service program, and watch the savings grow!

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