OutageView is used to manage outages for over 14,000,000 cable customers, nationwide. It is a great tool to supress call volumes during outage events.


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In Life, “Stuff Happens” ... In Cable, “Outages Happen” (Both planned and unplanned) 

Outages are bad for customers and employees. They cause confusion, create wasted costs, such as spiking call volumes, un-needed truck rolls & TC’s, and customer credits and even disconnects.


Truly, “time is money.”

The key is, how do proactive, successful cable operators react, communicate and resolve outages in the shortest period of time?


OutageView© is an automated, dynamic dashboard based application that allows Technical Operations-TOC/NOC (Outage) specialists and managers to declare and clear outages quickly and easily in the billing system, and it will significantly suppress your call center volumes during outages.

  • OutageView can declare outages by cabinet, node, hub, headend or municipality, and distribute that information throughout the customer service organization.
  • OutageView is billing system integrated for instant changes in status, triggering IVR phone capability quickly and shutting down issuance of outage related service calls.
  • OutageView enforces regional outage management policies and procedures by standardizing process and procedures.


Key Operational Benefits:

  • Central, one-stop dashboard for ease of use
  • Faster response time to identify, declare & repair outages
  • No wasted time searching billing system to identify areas affected
  • Fewer wasted truck rolls
  • More efficient utilization of points
  • Reduced call to Customer Service Call Centers
  • Reduced service credits
  • Improved organizational outage management communications thru alerts
  • Diagnostic reports identify trouble locations for improved preventative maintenance
  • Regional standardization of outage management procedures & protocols
  • Reduced costs of operation across the board

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