PeakView Application Relationships
Billing System & Finance
PointView© PointView
PointView gives you the ability to manage your quota points and schedule calendars through an easy to use, and intuitive interface. No more potential accidents with Quota. Administrative options gives the ability to restrict not only users, but also areas.
Ratrix Ratrix
Update your rates easily with Ratrix©. Eliminate weeks of manual labor, reduce errors, improve your reporting (including SOX) and allow managers to test rate levels multiple times to determine the optimal rate. Ratrix© is a highly useful platform for billing managers as well as for Marketing, Finanace and Operations management involved in budgeting decisions.
OutageView© OutageView
Delcare, monitor, and clear system outages with ease.
Workforce Management
ScheduleView© ScheduleView©
Use ScheduleView to keep track of shift information, including breaks, meetings, and other exceptions to shifts.
Rule-based tracking of time-off requests. Control blackout periods, prevent time off from being approved by applying thresholds. Require approvals to be made by authorized users or allow automatic approval of requests when the request passes rules.
RouteView RouteView
Rule-based routing of work orders to technicians.
TicketView TicketView
A dashboard-based ticketing system, independent of - but integrated with - the billing system.
ForecastView - coming soon!
WorkForce Pro
TechView© TechView
An Intuitive and Comprehensive Mobile application for your Field Staff, Supervisors and Contractors
DispatchView© DispatchView
A Comprehensive Management Tool for Dispatchers
ReportView ReportView
Completely Customizeable Report Platform for Various Tracking and Reporting Uses.
Interactive Voice Response - Our IVR service is an automated outbound calling system that is designed to keep you organized and efficient. Completely customizeable to your specific parameters, the IVR will save you time and money, all while keeping your customers happy and informed.