PeakView Solutions Gives Live Demonstration of WorkForce Pro™
Great Lakes Data Systems' Annual Users Group Meeting

PeakView Solutions was privileged to present a live demonstration of WorkForce Pro to over 20 affiliates of Great Lakes Data Systems at GLDS's Annual Users Group Meeting in Carlsbad CA, April 19-22, 2010.

Over 50 attendees from 20 cable companies received a first-hand look at the cable industry's only GLDS integrated workforce management application. The demonstration showed live, real-time activity, including all the steps needed for techs to open orders, issue or recover equipment, send hits, change drop tags, and close orders.

In addition, the attendees viewed PeakView's exclusive DispatchView Dashboard, which gives office staff an up-to-the-minute view of each technicians status throughout the workday.

After the demonstration, GLDS affiliates attended a breakout session to ask questions and to see additional elements of WorkForce Pro. It was a great way for GLDS affiliates, large or small, to find out how WorkForce Pro will help them add workforce productivity and improve customer equipment control.

For more information about PeakView's WorkForce Pro and other productivity and management solutions, call PeakView at 719-487-9293.