PeakView Solutions Announces WorkForce Pro™
Enhanced Mobile Workforce Management System for Field and Office Personnel



DENVER, CO – (February 2, 2010)

PeakView Solutions has announced the introduction of its newly enhanced mobile workforce solution, WorkForce Pro™.  WorkForce Pro includes all the features and benefits of PeakView’s original workforce product with new enhancements and options added to the field and office modules.  The enhancements make PeakView’s WorkForce Pro™ an even more valuable tool in the mobile workforce environment. 

“We’re really excited to roll out these changes in our workforce applications,” said Manny Miera, PeakView’s CEO.  “WorkForce Pro™ makes our product more customizable and will increase the productivity gains achieved for both field and office employees.  Our new Dispatch Dashboard gives dispatchers an all-in screen to view the status of every tech and window.  Updates can be customized for any time interval, the dashboard gives supervisors and managers an instant status report of the day’s activities in one convenient location.”

PeakView has also added an integrated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) option, which calls customers ahead of service appointments to reduce wasted truck rolls.  Clients are reporting a 5-10% reduction of wasted truck rolls through the IVR option. 

Miera emphasized the latest enhancements are now available to all current PeakView clients. “Our company philosophy is to continually upgrade our products.  All new enhancements are available to current customers.” 

PeakView’s WorkForce Pro™ is the ideal WFM tool for mid-sized and small cable MSO’s and other mid-sized companies with mobile workforces. “We require no additional IT equipment and minimal IT staff support,” says Miera.  We can be up and running within 60-90 days in most situations.” 

About PeakView Solutions:
PeakView Solutions is a leading supplier of web based software productivity applications to the cable television and mobile workforce industries.  It has developed a fully integrated workforce management solution for in-house and contract technicians, as well as other applications for rate management, system diagnostics, IVR inbound and outbound, manpower balancing, automated point management,  provisioning, and others.  For additional information, contact Peter Locke, COO at 719-487-9293 or visit