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Wireless Matrix, PeakView Solutions Announce First Customer Success

NewWave Communications Saves an Estimated $30,000 Through Fuel
Reductions in First Quarter of its Phase 2 Mobile Workforce
Management Solution, Phase Three to Rollout Shortly.



RESTON, VA – (July 7, 2009)
Wireless Matrix (TSX: WRX) and PeakView Solutions, LLC announced today their first successful deployment at NewWave Communications, a Multiple System Operator (MSO) serving customers across six states. Since deploying Wireless Matrix’s FleetOutlook® solution parallel to PeakView Solutions’ DispatchView, as part of its Phase 2 mobile workforce management solution in mid-March, the MSO has already seen its fuel usage reduced significantly, about 4,200 gallons per month across 175 technicians. This reduction has led to an estimated cost savings of $30,000 over the first quarter of deployment.

“We are thrilled with the results to date,” said Larry Eby, vice president of operations, NewWave Communications. “Since implementing FleetOutlook in conjunction with DispatchView, we’ve seen our productivity and fleet efficiencies improve dramatically. Integrating the two systems in Phase 3 will provide our dispatchers with real-time location-based data to help with work assignment decisions. As a result we anticipate further productivity gains and improved customer service.”

Phase 1 of NewWave Communications’ mobile workforce management strategy began over a year and a half ago when PeakView Solutions’ DispatchView and TechView workforce management applications were deployed at the MSO. The workforce management solution allows NewWave Communications technicians to access work orders and activate hardware all from a wireless handheld device. In addition, DispatchView empowers dispatchers and supervisors to better manage their workforce by displaying the real-time status of technicians. Wireless Matrix’s FleetOutlook® fleet management solution was implemented in Phase 2 of the strategy. FleetOutlook®, a web-based application, provides management and fleet operators complete visibility into their operations via comprehensive reporting, exception-based alerts, nearest vehicle search and an interactive mapping interface.

“PeakView Solutions is excited to be working with Wireless Matrix and integrating FleetOutlook®with DispatchView,” said Manny Miera, PeakView Solutions’ CEO and co-founder. “We’ve been looking for a strong GPS partner to work with, and Wireless Matrix has proven to be the ideal company.”

Phase 3 of the MSO’s strategy includes a full integration of PeakView Solutions’ workforce management application with the real-time GPS data powered by Wireless Matrix’s FleetOutlook®. Fully integrating the two systems will allow dispatchers to optimize customer service/ETAs, scheduling and routing.

“By integrating PeakView Solutions’ workforce management applications with Wireless Matrix’s real-time fleet management platform, we are giving MSOs a very powerful tool to maximize workforce productivity,” said J. Richard Carlson, CEO and president, Wireless Matrix. “The ability for dispatchers to see not only the real-time location of technicians, but also their work orders, will allow them to dynamically adjust workloads to meet service window commitments.”

NewWave Communications expects to complete rollout of its Phase 3 solution within the next 30 days.


About Wireless Matrix:

Wireless Matrix provides enterprise-class wireless data solutions for business-critical mobile and remote asset operations. The company delivers real-time data services across cellular, satellite and WiFi networks; a variety of modems and hardware platforms; and transportation applications that increase productivity and reduce operating expenses with service fleet operations. Wireless Matrix is headquartered in Reston, VA, and has offices in San Francisco, CA, and Burnaby, British Columbia. For more information visit www.wirelessmatrix.com.


About PeakView Solutions:

PeakView Solutions is a Colorado-based provider of automated productivity tools for cable television operators and contractors. PeakView offers a workforce management suite, system diagnostic integration, rate management, IVR integration and other applications that improve productivity and performance. Its applications are used by cable systems in over 18 states. Current customers include WaveDivision Holdings, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, NewWave Communications, and Cable South Media. Visit the PeakView website at www.peakviewsolutions.com.


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