News from PeakView Solutions

PeakView Launches OutageView©, New Outage Management Dashboard

Already in use to manage outages in 4,000,000 homes

OutageView© is an automated, dynamic dashboard based application that allows Technical Operations-TOC/NOC (Outage) specialists and managers to declare and clear outages quickly and easily in the billing system.

  • OutageView can declare outages by cabinet, node, hub, headend or municipality, and distribute that information throughout the customer service organization.
  • OutageView is billing system integrated for instant changes in status, triggering IVR phone capability quickly and shutting down issuance of outage related service calls.
  • OutageView enforces regional outage management policies and procedures by standardizing process and procedures.

Some of the key Features of OutageView are:

  • OutageView monitors trouble calls issued by the billing system
  • Based on frequency of trouble calls within a specified time frame and system location, TOC is quickly notified of an outage occurrence through OutageView Dashboard
  • TOC managers review and then declare an outage in OutageView Dashboard, instantly shutting down additional truck rolls for the specified location (municipality, headend, hub, node, cabinet).
  • Alerts are sent to desired management indicating outage location, customers affected, etc.
  • Billing system IVR activates and routes calls to automated system, reducing overload.
  • While outage is repaired, TOC desk can edit areas affected through dashboard.
  • When repaired, TOC issues "all clear" on outage, resetting billing system trouble call capabilities.
  • Follow-up reports available on location, duration, customers affected and other desired metrics.

Key Operational Benefits:

  • Central, one-stop dashboard for ease of use
  • Faster response time to identify, declare & repair outages
  • No wasted time searching billing system to identify areas affected
  • Fewer wasted truck rolls
  • More efficient utilization of points
  • Reduced call to Customer Service Call Centers
  • Reduced service credits
  • Improved organizational outage management communications thru alerts
  • Diagnostic reports identify trouble locations for improved preventative maintenance
  • Regional standardization of outage management procedures & protocols
  • Reduced costs of operation across the board

OutrageVies has been in use in a 4,000,000 million customer regional operation cluster in a Major MSO and is entering a pilot test in another cluster in 2nd quarter, 2012.