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WAVE Broadband launches PeakView's Customer Pre-Call Service

Wave BroadbandWAVE Broadband has added another PeakView tool, Customer Pre-call confirmation. This automated customer relations tool, requires no capital expenditures by the cable operator. PeakView's automated software calls customers the day ahead of their appointment to remind them of the following day's schedules stop. If the time is not convenient, the customer has the option of connecting through to a live operator to discuss a reschedule.
Pre-call integrates with the billing and work order system, and requires no support once its initiated. Scripts can be changed with a few days notice.
The service can reduce wasted truck rolls (to "not homes") by double digit %.

Pre-Call service includes:

  • Automated pre-call for scheduled work orders
  • Before pre-call, will verify work order is still scheduled in the billing system
  • Set up and test the ARU interfaces with get updated work order information
  • Initial pre-call messages programmed as defined in the Pre-Call Questionnaire
  • Call Result reports
  • Option to retry up to 4 times on calls resulting in no answer, dropped calls/hang ups and busy
  • Option for customer to transfer to customer service based on rules listed in questionnaire
  • Professional voice recording available
  • Provides customer COD amount )
  • Automated update to the customer account in the billing system

Pre-Call is another great productivity tool from PeakView Solutions.