PeakView Solutions was founded on a simple premise:

To assist cable companies and other service businesses make better use of the legacy MIS systems, and help associates become more productive and provide better customer service. PeakView empowers organizational transparency, through software integration and automation.


PeakView believes in the power of automation and integration.

PeakView's management team has personally experienced the challenges of managment in the cable television business. We have over 75 years combined experience in the cable and billing industries, at companies both large and small.


Cable companies have plenty of new data and diagnostic services available.

These services have brought many improvements, but they have also brought frustration. Often, these services don't work in harmony. Some employees can easily access some information systems, but not others. Some information required extra and repeated log-ins; other systems weren't available at all.

  • We develop our applications to help make information more available and actionable to employees across the organization, from field techs to dispatchers to upper management.
  • We automate processes to reduce or eliminate errors and inefficiencies introduced through double-entry, or "swivel-chair" operations.
  • We break down "walls" between legacy information systems to integrate processes into convenient, accessible locations.
  • We create new applications through the integration of billing and IVR systems to help reduce call volume and call time.
  • We develop applications to better control contract and in-house labor. Giving managers tools to forecast future needs.
  • We make our applications easy to use, easy to train and priced to support an excellent ROI. Our applications are "home grown" and not derived from another industry.

We customize our applications to each company we serve.

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